The Central West End offers beautiful architecture, an unparalleled reputation for the arts and some of the best dining in St. Louis. The Central West End South Special Business District works to make the neighborhood more appealing to residents and businesses.

The Central West End South Special Business District board of commissioners consists of seven members, appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Board of Aldermen. To ensure the viewpoint of all stakeholders, the Special Business District is required to have five property owners and two renters. The South Special Business District is funded by a property tax of approximately $.48 on every $100 of assessed value that was approved in an official vote by property owners in the area.

2016 Projects

Infrastructure (12% of revenue)
Wayfinder sign update
Striping for 45-degree angled parking along a section of the north side of 4900 Laclede
Graffiti and vandalism repairs
Purchase and install four bike racks, Euclid and Laclede
Set aside funds for future street light replacement

Public Safety (65% of revenue)
Support CWE Neighborhood Security Initiative
Patrols by off-duty police officers (1,600+ hours)

Public Right of Way Maintenance (16% of revenue)
Litter control along Euclid, empty trash containers, sign/poster/flyer removal, weed control
Dog Waste Stations
Water street trees

Administration (7.4% of revenue)
Mailing, meeting and supplies
Neighborhood Award
Admin services